Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer

Experience the magic!

Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer is your creative canvas for building the home of your dreams! Color and customize your flashcards however you like. Then, like magic, see your creations magically appear in 3D! Have fun decorating your home, telling your own stories, learning new words and much more!

Unleash your creativity !

Grab your markers to create your masterpiece! Choose from tons of household objects to help you decorate the home of your dreams. Customize and design them any way you like, or erase your creations to start the fun all over again! 

Experience the magic!

Scan your designs to see your creations magically appear! Check out the wardrobe you made with all your favorite colors, or high-five Dr. Panda dressed in the cool t-shirt you designed! Seeing your designs come to life in 3D will never seize to amaze. 

Learn as you play!

Learn about words, letters and spelling as you decorate your new house! Play along with your friends for even more fun, and explore quest mode to help the adorable characters find the household objects to move on to the next challenge./ move on to the next round.

Get yours now!

Choose from 51 flashcards, 12 non-toxic erasable markers and a code to activate the free-to-download app.

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How to play

Choose a flashcard with an object or character you want to put in your house and color in any way you want. Once you're ready, scan the flashcard using the camera on your smartphone or tablet and watch your creations magically appear in your 3D home! 


Download the app

Use the link on our site or search for 'Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer' on selected app stores to download the app


Scan the code

Open the app, scan the code in the box, and you're done!


Time to play!

Enjoy hours of endless creativity and fun designing your new home and creating your own stories! 



What devices can I use with Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer?


Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer can be used with most smartphones and tablets that have a camera and are running iOS 7 and higher, Android 4.1 and higher, or Fire OS 3 and higher. You can check the app store listings for more details on if your specific device is supported.


What do I do if lose or damage the QR code on the Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer box?


If you lose or damage this code, just send us an email at plus@drpanda.com and we'll help you out!