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Dr. Panda Toy Cars

Vroom Vroom!

Dr. Panda Toy Cars

Explore FOUR huge cities and drive over 20 different cars, trucks, and boats in Dr. Panda Toy Cars! Take control of a fire truck, turn on your sirens in a police car, and play any way you want!

Dr. Panda Toy Cars is an interactive game that lets kids role-play and use their imaginations! Children can drive various types of vehicles while they cruise around four different cities, explore the roads, and get to discover all sorts of hidden surprises!

Let down the barriers at the railway crossing, or turn on your sirens… who knows what you might find! Dr. Panda Toy Cars allows for freedom that lets kids make up their own stories as they play. Control multiple vehicles at the same time and play together for more fun!

Key Features

  • 4 huge cities to explore!
  • Drive around in over 20 different vehicles: do you prefer a motorcycle, a cement mixer, a fire truck, or a boat?!
  • Play together! Multiple cars can be controlled at once with no issue!
  • Each vehicle has unique traits: Carry cargo in the truck, help people with an ambulance, and more!
  • Play however you want! No time limits or strict rules!
  • No in-app purchases or third party ads.

About the design of the game

Our goal with Dr Panda Toy Cars was to make a place where kids can make their own stories and adventures, just like on a real play mat and toy cars. By including different interactions and small goals, we hoped to help kids play out their stories while sparking their imaginations.

Read more about what our lead designer Twan Mul has to say about the design process.