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Dr. Panda Cafe

Run your own cafe!

Dr. Panda Cafe

Welcome customers to your café, start taking orders and put your skills to the test with up to 25 food and drink items! In Dr. Panda Café, you’ll have tons of fun creating the ultimate café experience for your customers. Don’t keep your customers waiting, make sure to get orders out on time!


Show your customers to their seats and memorize their orders while multi-tasking as you prepare coffee, cakes, pizza and more! Quickly clean the tables and scrub the dishes to make room for new customers.

Keep your customers happy!

Serve two cakes instead of one, or throw in an extra cookie and really please your customers. Watch your customers giggle and chat as you create your own unique café vibe.

Collect recipes!

The more customers your serve and make happy, the more foods and drinks you can unlock and make. Create and customize treats, or experiment with yummy pizza toppings and tasty side orders!

Key Features

  • Take care of your customers to make them happy!
  • Collect up to 25 different food and drink recipes!
  • Get creative and customize your orders.
  • No time limits!
  • Enjoy fun animations for every customer!
  • Designed with kids in mind!
  • Serve coffee, cakes, and more in Dr. Panda Cafe!